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A very obvious answer is, yes, sugarcane could be perfectly used for packaging. As a matter of fact, one of the best and most eco-friendly selections in the field of packaging is bagasse, since you know, unlike styrofoam and plastic, bagasse items are totally biodegradable, and do no harm to the environment. And for the price, they are pretty close, and sometimes, the sugarcane food packaging products might be even cheaper compared to styrofoam and plastic products if the quantity is large enough. Meanwhile, the bagasse material is also the most readily available packaging material. All in all, the environmentally-friendly bagasse products will not harm the environment and give pre and post-life benefits.

The value of this sugarcane pulp material for the whole packaging industry has been well-proven. All bagasse products are used to make assorted food packaging items, for instance, takeaway containers, bowls, hamburger boxes, and plates. Moreover, in some countries, sugarcane pulp (bagasse) also serves as a substitute for wood to manufacture pulp, board, as well as paper.

Well, the short and brief answer is yes, the bagasse bowls could be used in ovens since sugarcane fiber has an amazing heat tolerance just like paper and it has both microwaves as well as freezer safe. However, just like paper, the strength might be lowered once it contacts some extremely hot items or you place that into the oven.

Another thing that you should be aware of putting your sugarcane bowls in the freezer is that though they are not airtight, the freshness and the damage by freezing could be a tricky issue if you left them too long in the refrigerator.

Ecogainyo is made from various plants by using much lower carbon, renewable, reclaimed, or recycle materials. However, on this website, we use only two types of plant-based materials, the very first one is sugarcane pulp (bagasse), and the second main material we use is cornstarch.

And when it comes to the bagasse, you should aware that bagasse products are produced from a by-product of sugarcane.

If you are familiar with sugarcane, you should aware that a sugarcane pulp product is quite a popular eco alternative to polystyrene that is perfect for serving hot & cold food. Our bagasse products are made from reclaimed sugarcane, or to be more exact, our sugarcane products use the dry fibrous residue left once the fresh sugarcane has been pressed for juice. A high-heat, high-pressure process is applied to press and then shape the fibers. And eventually, we use this to make our takeaway boxes, bowls as well as plates.

And now we’ve come to how a cornstarch food packaging cutlery is made of, just as the name implies; the main ingredient is cornstarch, apart from that, it also has some plant fiber (the portion takes up to 10%), some Polypropylene (the portion takes up to 55%), and some calcium carbonate and some other materials. And you should aware that, corn starch, can not be printed, but the embossing is available. And one more word, all of these cornstarch products are gluten-free, therefore, if you are not fond of bagasse products, why do not select our cornstarch products?

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