6.6in Square Disposable Bio Bagasse Burger Box For Takeout

Basic Info. of Products:

ITEM MATERIAL: Sugarcane Pulp (Bagasse)

MATERIAL GRADE: Food Grade & Health Standard

DEGRADABLE: Biodegradable


APPLICATIONS: Street food, festivals, food stalls, events, weddings, and party


Basic Info. of Packaging:

VOLUME: 0.0402per/carton

WEIGHT: 15g/pc

SIZE (L*W*H): 170*125*35(Half Height)/50mm(Whole Height) (6.69”*5.98”*1.92”(Half Height)/1.96”(Whole Height))

PACKAGING SIZE: 50pcs*10set/500pcs/carton

CARTON SIZE (L*W*H): 41*26.5*37cm (1.61”*1.04”*1.45”)


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Eco-Friendly Compostable Clamshell Take-Out Burger Box Food Service Packaging Product

This is a piece of stylish & practical burger clamshell box. It does not generate any condensation liquid, therefore, could always keep hot food stays crispy. And the depth of the base is much deeper than the lid, therefore, you can recognize that quite easily. Anyway, this item is perfect for hot or cold food to go, particularly for hamburgers. As you can see, bagasse is reclaimed sugarcane fiber. Tree-free material made. We have two stylish available, white & yellow. Certified by OK compost, FDA, ISO, SGS, and more, made from by-products of sugarcane. Commercially compostable where accepted.


First of all, you should know what is a bagasse, a sugarcane pulp (bagasse) is a completely pre-consumer recycled byproduct of making sugar. The sugarcane stalks are collected after releasing juices that are processed into sugar. We use these already pressed stalks and put them into a mold to form a wide range of products like bowls, plates, and more rather than just burning or throwing that fibrous stalks away.

Normally, a bagasse (sugarcane pulp) bowl needs some time to take to fully biodegrade in the compost. Since we all know that bagasse or sugarcane is absolutely compostable & breaks down in some commercial composting conditions. Usually, bagasse will compost in approximately 45~60 days on the condition of having compost facilities, and if you just place your bagasse products in the natural environment, then the biodegradable period ming be prolonged a little, up to 90 days or so.

Long words short, though some of our biodegradable products are made to bear high heat, they are not specifically manufactured to be microwaved. We highly recommend microwaving your foods as well as beverages in some other microwave-safe containers and then transferring them to our compostable products once you after heating.

As you can see that our sugarcane bowls are very different in that it does not need any additional lining in order for them to be water-resistant or grease. The natural composition and manufacturing process form a natural barrier that makes them be resistant to moisture and oil.

We all know that bagasse (sugarcane) is an effective renewable alternative to plastic. As a perfect byproduct of the production of sugar cane stalks, sugarcane pulp is the fiber that is left after sugar is manufactured. The bagasse is much stronger and more durable than Styrofoam, which makes it perfect for food packaging applications and more. And here comes some of the benefits when you are ready to use bagasse bowls:

NO.01: All the bagasse bowls are extremely plentiful & renewable.

NO.02: All the sugarcane bowls could be used in various food packaging applications.

NO.03: All bagasse bowls are industrially compostable.

NO.04: Bagasse bowls are a perfect solution that’s safe for the environment.

NO.05: All bagasse food packaging bowls could reduce carbon footprint.

NO.06: All the bagasse bowls could help you have less chance of a material shortage.

NO.07: Sugarcane bowls with recyclable qualities could improve your brand image.





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